Board Members

President 2020 - Present

Ken Kratt

On behalf of the hardworking police officers who serve Palo Alto every day, thank you for your ongoing support. Our mission is to protect and serve the community of Palo Alto and promote a commitment to community service in the city that we serve and reside in. You will find our members active in civic, fraternal, and sporting organizations throughout the city.

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Vice President 2021-Present

Chris Corriea

Chris served in the United Stated Air Force from 2000-2004 and graduated from Long Beach State University.  He began his career as a police officer in 2008 with the City of Palo Alto.  Since then, Chris has held many roles such as a field training officer, detective, range instructor in addition to being part of a county task force.  Chris holds the rank of Agent and enjoys daily interaction with the community.  Outside of work, Chris enjoys his time with his family, working out, and has the goal of traveling to all National Parks with his family.
Treasurer 2017-Present

Joel Hornung

Joel graduated from San Jose University and began his career as a police officer in 2009 with the city of Palo Alto. Since then he holds a number of specialty assignments including Traffic Officer, Defense Tactics Instructor, Detective, Field Training Officer and Patrol Sergeant. When Joel is not on duty he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, camping and swimming. Joel is also a proud Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America.
Yolanda Franco-Clausen, J.D.
Secretary 2023-Present

Yolanda Franco-Clausen, J.D.

With a passion for justice and a comprehensive understanding of the law, Yolanda brings a unique blend of legal expertise and practical experience to the Palo Alto Police Officers Association. Having served as a dedicated police officer for seven years, Yolanda has consistently demonstrated a commitment to upholding the values of integrity, fairness, and community service.

Graduating with a Juris Doctorate in Law, Yolanda possesses a deep understanding of the legal intricacies that intersect with law enforcement. This academic foundation, coupled with real-world experience on the streets, enables Yolanda to navigate complex situations with a nuanced understanding of both the law and the practical challenges faced by law enforcement professionals.

Currently serving as the Secretary of the Palo Alto Police Officers Association, Yolanda plays a pivotal role in fostering communication, organization, and advocacy within the association. Through this position, Yolanda continues to champion the rights and well-being of fellow officers while promoting a collaborative and supportive environment within the law enforcement community.

Yolanda remains dedicated to the mission of ensuring public safety, promoting justice, and building positive relationships between law enforcement and the community. With a strong foundation in both law and policing, Yolanda stands as a valuable asset to the Palo Alto Police Officers Association, contributing to the collective efforts to create a safer and more cohesive society.
Board Member 

Alex Afanasiev

Alex is currently assigned to the Special Operations Division where some of his responsibilities include coordinating all dignitary visits, special events and Stanford Football operations. Alex has been an officer with the Palo Alto Police Department for 29 years and has held numerous positions within the Department. He currently supervises the K9 Team, Reserve Officer Team, EVOC Team, and the Peer Support Team. Away from work, Alex enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, cooking and working out.